Advertising Policy

The Bard's Apothecary website is funded in part by online advertisement and links. This site contains both education and sales. All links will be from vetted sources and not through banner exchanges. Advertisements and links will be identified in the following manners:

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ADVERTISEMENT: For information regarding advertisment please contact info@TheBardsApothecary.com. Rates are by placement, size, and contract length.

AFFILIATE: This website contains Affiliate links for products we recommend. The Bard's Apothecary only recommends products that we use and trust. The affiliate links are in the form of Banner Ads, and Text Links. We receive a commission on sales via the hypertext link to our vendor partner. Clicks are tracked by means of a code that is contained in our Affiliate links. These Affiliate links help us to cover the costs of creating and providing you with useful content.

SPONSORED: Occasionally article content will be sponsored.

FRIENDLY/ INFORMATION BANNER: Friendly/ Information banners are not advertisements but have been provided for further reference or other purposes.

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