FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you make this App?

Education and choice. Bottles of essential oil that most people have access to – from store shelves, Amazon, and MLM reps do not come with directions. To find those directions people need to know where to find them online, often going between multiple locations. This is a consolidated, affordable tool that fits with a busy 21st century life.

Why is doTERRA mentioned and no one else?

90% of this app is brand neutral. Since doTERRA is one of the largest companies out there and their bottles do not contain directions, this is a tool – cross-referenced with broad trade safety standards. It is an easy introduction to conversations on safety for those who choose to purchase from doTERRA.

When there are so many free apps out there, why is there a charge?

It costs to make apps. Many free apps have in app purchases to ultimately finance the cost of creating the app. The cost is on the back end not the front end. This app is cheaper than most that I found on aromatherapy and essential oils and I didn’t find any dedicated to safety.

Your recommendations are not the same as the one I saw on a Facebook group or meme. Why?

You’d be hard pressed to find two websites or facebook groups who agree on all safety issues. There are no absolute safety standards in aromatherapy. But that doesn’t mean it is a free for all. For instance, there is disagreement on what age for peppermint, cinnamon or eucalyptus - but there is consensus on the big things like be careful with peppermint, cinnamon and eucalyptus. What you have here are my interpretations from my studies and observations.

I have just seen some of the safety recommendations. I am pregnant with little kids and now am scared. Should I throw out all my oils?

That is up to you. I wouldn’t. You know the piece of paper a pharmacist gives you with a prescription, small print in a magazine next to a medicine ad or the quick voice reading all the bad things that could happen at the end of a medicine commercial?  This is a version of those but not about drugs rather about essential oils. Do you hear or read those and them make your own informed decision? Balancing the information with your own story? The risks of using oils are low. However, there are some. Specifically, caregivers and pregnant mom's should have information on documented risks and be able to make their own decision in their care. There is not a broad body of evidence showing that oils can cause a negative impact on pregnancy. But there is some research pointing to risk. Pregnant moms can make their own choice on whether the research is compelling or not. There is also not a huge data bank on issues from peppermint and eucalyptus issues with children. But there is some and again, caregivers should have the information on the potential risk and be able to make their own decisions for care of their families. This whole app is about education and personal choice.

Why is this not organized as an alphabetical list of oils and then their risks?

When given a new oil most people ask, what can this do to help? However, when faced with differing circumstances the questions look more like: I am pregnant – what oils aren’t safe? Can I use eucalyptus with my kids? What pops up in a Facebook feed is a picture of recommendations for pregnancy or for children. This acts the same way utilizing the way people ask questions rather than using a traditional dictionary system.

The font is small. Can’t you change this?

I agree. I am working with the company whose platform I use. It is better than it was, but I am searching for a solution within the capabilities of the tools that I have used. Stay tuned.