Jasmin Villanueva Massage Therapist

425-281-2006 (voice and text)


Top Assets
  • Licensed massage therapist
  • Experience in conjunction with chiropractic care
  • Safe use of essential oils
  • Uses one-of-a-kind blend of oils made specifically for her practice to reduce stress, inflammation and pain
  • Former massage therapy instructor
  • Private massage at Twin Peaks Nutrition and Wellness
  • Home visits

I have a partnership with Jasmin Villanueva.

In her private work, Jasmin visits clients at in a clinic and in homes. She works in conjunction with me to ensure safe use of oils.

Having a certified aromatherapist to support her work gives Jasmin an edge found in few in the local profession showing an added level of professionalism and attention to detail.

Jasmin uses blends and remedies we have created together for her professional use.

I can create a personal blend for you that you carry in to Jasmin. She will then use at the correct dilution.

Personal blends available at a 10% discount with Jasmin's referral.