As a conscientous consumer I have memberships or accounts with:

  • AAA ($124)
  • Costco ($60)
  • Amazon Prime ($99)
  • dōTERRA ($35)

 None require me to buy anything yet each helps me get discounts, quality products, and rewards me for my loyalty.

However I belong to a few programs where I get  products or services that meet my needs and tastes and give me a discounts and benefits but I need to order or use the membership at specific intervals.

  • Local cellar's wine clubs (A few allocations a year)
  • Alaska Airlines Visa (with frequent flyer points - use them or lose them)
  • American Express (with expiring points)

Why dōTERRA?

1. I  buy from dōTERRA, first and foremost, because I like the quality of their products and philanthropy. Quite honestly, dōTERRA products changed the quality of my life significantly. Their Healing Hands Foundation is doing great things to help with extreme poverty in our world.  They also have an eye on the sustainability of the oils they are using with Co-impact Sourcing and Global Botanical Network. Those are things close to my heart.

2. I like the 25% discount, I get points to use towards purchases, and the fact that I don't have to buy a minimum. I get something for buying frequently but am not punished for not. I get treats and freebies if I purchase a certain amount through LRP.  Yet, can easily carry a very limited inventory in my professional business.

Why work with Nancy Baker?

I embrace the best of dōTERRA and have more to offer. If you want to get an opportunity for discounts and potential sales, but feel you want a bit more guidance and safety than you are seeing -I can encourage you in your journey.

  • I am a formally trained aromatherapist
  • I have developed a safety app with a section directly for those using dōTERRA oils.
  • If you are a professional using oils within your field, I will educate you about the safety of products and your liability in using the, I will provide you with training and templates for notice of use statements and releases.
  • You will be able to follow all of the dōTERRA updates on Facebook with a safety and usage summary from me.
  • You will get monthly e-mail updates.
  • Follow my educational (and highly entertaining) blog
  • I am here to support you as part of my team, not just sell my services. If you are buying dōTERRA products within my line, my aromatherapy services (with reasonable limitation) are free.

What are my next steps?

Feel free to contact me at Nancy@TheBardsApothecary.com to talk more about it. If you think you know you'd like to buy at discount (Wholesale Customer) then you just have to decide if you'd like to sell a bit to offset your personal costs (Wellness Advocate).

Wholesale Customers

  • Product Discounts: 25% off retail prices
  • Loyalty Reward Points: Option to receive 10–30% of orders back in points redeemable for free product. Think "frequent flyer" points
  • Shipping Reward Points: Option to receive the cost of your shipping back in points redeemable for free product
  • Free Product: Place a monthly order over 125 PV and receive the free product of the month
  • Renewal Fee "Covered": After becoming a Wholesale Member, the yearly renewal fee for a wholesale membership is $25.00. This renewal fee comes with a free bottle of Peppermint, one of the most popular oils dōTERRA offers, a retail value of $27.33. 

Wellness Advocates (all of the benefits of Wholesale Customer PLUS)

  • You can sell with my guidance behind you.
  • Bonuses & Compensation: dōTERRA provides a business opportunity for those interested in creating an income
  • Personal Website: Receive a personal website that can be used if you would like to share essential oils with others

Notes for signing up

  • Got to my website
  • Choose Wholesale or Wellness Advocate
  • Pick a kit. Scroll over to get the $35 option if you would like to pick your own items out. Or get a pre-made kit at a discount.
  • My account number is 725987 as sponsor/ enroller
  • Email me if you need help Nancy@thebardsapothecary.com


Sign up here.